Tradition and Innovation for Global Success

Founded in 1910 in the heart of Vienna, Austria, VCC Venatol Concept Corporation seamlessly blends tradition with cutting-edge technology to drive success on a global scale. Our century-long legacy is a testament to our belief that we are stronger together, and we continue to uphold this philosophy in everything we do.

Exploring Transformative Work-Life Balance and Lifelong Passions with VCC

At VCC, we are passionate about fostering a balanced work-life dynamic and helping individuals pursue their lifelong passions. Through our innovative Business Coaching Concept and R&D, we provide unparalleled support to entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide.

About Us

At VCC, we envision a brighter future by empowering today’s innovators and risk-takers. Whether you’re filing your first LLC, searching for Product Market Fit (PMF), raising capital, scaling your business, or transforming company cultures, we are here for you. Our journey through the entrepreneurial gauntlet has equipped us with the insights to help hundreds of leaders achieve transformative changes in their lives and businesses, all the way to successful IPOs. Regardless of your location or socioeconomic background, we are dedicated to helping founders, entrepreneurs, and startups succeed. Our team, composed of experienced founders, understands the challenges of building a company. The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened our resolve to create a supportive haven for those who share our belief in a better future.

VCC Clients

Our clientele includes entrepreneur philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit innovators, athletes turned entrepreneurs, and military veterans venturing into the business world. We believe in the unique potential of each individual and provide expert evaluation and realistic goal-setting to turn any idea into a successful venture. We offer crucial support during the transition from military to civilian careers, providing insights, resources, and connections to help achieve your goals.

Our VCC Values

We build friendships, not just contacts. We believe in giving first, helping others before ourselves, and investing in community-building to drive success. Our commitment to global citizenship and leading by example sets us apart. By fostering a culture of inclusion and open conversation, we continuously strive to do better every day. We recognize that collective action is essential in addressing global challenges like climate change.

How VCC Does It

From bootstrapped beginnings to Series A funding rounds, VCC supports its members with access to funding, market expansion, and a robust network of founders, tech leaders, investors, and partners. We celebrate personal milestones and share stories to cultivate a culture of inclusion and inspire innovative thinking. Our open discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to our community’s evolution.

“VCC’s coaching has been a game-changer for our startup.” - Emily Brown

“Their support helped me transition from sports to a successful business career.” - Michael Johnson

Military Veterans:
“VCC provided the guidance and resources needed for my business launch.” - Sarah Lee

Tech Leader:
“Their innovative products have revolutionized our approach.” - Jane Smith 

Social Media, Membership, and Events

VCC offers a variety of events including sports and golf tournaments, flagship conferences, and networking opportunities with partners and investors. Our initiatives champion advocacy, amplify diverse perspectives, and increase global awareness of our responsibilities. Recognizing each other as Global Citizens, we set higher standards and strive to transform our communities.

At VCC, our global mindset defines us. Stay informed about upcoming events, subscribe to our newsletter, explore partnership and sponsorship opportunities, and join our VCC Membership program to become a part of our global community.

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